Adult League

The Winter 5 v 5 Adult Recreational League is designed to give adults in the Yampa Valley Community a chance to play organized basketball in a fun and competitive environment.

Registration opens December 1st with play occuring January through March on Sunday afternoons.

Please have one person per team register the team. This person then becomes the 'team captain' and all communications from HAB will filter through this channel. If you are new to town or don't have a team, please contact the Adult League Program Coordinator.

Please know and abide by the Code of Conduct.

For more information - please contact Pat Ayres at

As always, we are always looking for ways to offer more Basketball to the community. Our dilemma is gym space. As many of you know, there are only three gyms in Steamboat and all of them are in a school facility. With that, comes priority time. There is a CHSAA rule that kids cannot meet with their coach on Sundays, hence our ability to have gym space that day.

We are working hard with other community sports clubs to build a facility that would allow everyone more gym time. Would you be interested in helping us with that?

Please reach out and let us know if you would like to be on this commitee.

2019 Game Schedule

2019 Adult Rec League Schedule
All games are played in the Kelly Meek Gymnasium

Week 1- 1/6/19
5:00pm- Cook Chevrolet vs. Steamers
6:00pm- Shitbirds vs. Borden Art
7:00pm- Ruggers vs. Cloverdale

Week 2- 1/13/19
5:00pm- Cloverdale vs. Shitbirds
6:00pm- Ruggers vs. Cook Chevrolet
7:00pm- Steamers vs. Borden Art

Week 3- 1/20/19
5:00pm- Cook Chevrolet vs. Cloverdale
6:00pm- Borden Art vs. Ruggers
7:00pm- Shitbirds vs. Steamers

Week 4- 1/27/19
5:00pm- Cook Chevrolet vs. Shitbirds
6:00pm- Cloverdale vs. Borden Art
7:00pm- Ruggers vs. Steamers

Week 5- 2/10/19
5:00pm- Steamers vs. Cloverdale
6:00pm- Borden Art vs. Cook Chevrolet
7:00pm- Shitbirds vs. Ruggers

Week 6- 2/17/19
5:00pm- Borden Art vs. Shitbirds
6:00pm- Cloverdale vs. Ruggers
7:00pm- Steamers vs. Cook Chevrolet

Week 7- 2/24/19
5:00pm- Borden Art vs. Steamers
6:00pm- Shitbirds vs. Cloverdale
7:00pm- Cook Chevrolet vs. Ruggers

Week 8- 3/3/19
5:00pm- Ruggers vs. Borden Art
6:00pm- Cloverdale vs. Cook Chevrolet
7:00pm- Steamers vs. Shitbirds

Weeks 9-11 will be Playoffs and that schedule will be announced after the
final regular season game.

Registration is OPEN!
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.